We design and manufacture our products

Both hardware and software devices are unique and they're manufactured in Spain without middlemen

We tries to ensure to be proud of our products without companies beyond the borders of our country

Motivation is change the way of build hardware and software having 100% of the control at all their stages of development, production, to obtain the desired product quality.


Open Devices

The company philosophy is OpenSource and it's different way of thinking. Our trademark is extremely important for us.

We think our brand is based on quality devices free of obsolescence management designs, as much in designed and produced devices as in software related to the product.


Academic knowledge opened base

Our firmware and software are opensource and his documentation available to anyone

We think from our perspective the way to do things better is not hiding nothing to the costumer, we design and produce from here, which allows us to license our products transparently and openly.

It is on this platform that science education, communication and popularization need to be built. We provide an e-learning platform able to display to any customer the underground of hardware and software in a simple way.

We are OpenSource



We cover the following fields

Custom-made solutions adapted to customer

Our software & hardware department will counsell customers about personal concerns


We don't abandon our customers, we provide all the knowledge needed to understand and evolve his product


We're constantly evolving the firmware and software of each product. We also launch exciting new revisions improving hardware and exciting new features


We provide you with the necessary tools to ask all your questions and obtain the answers to such questions related to our products


A substantial generated documentation is accessible to the whole community


we are concerned for technology security including both hardware and software to be proud of our work


Be informed about updates and news before anyone