Kelboy 2.0 and screen of Kelboy 2.1 - 640x480 up

Screen Upgrade from 240p to 480p

The steps to be taken to improve the technical characteristics of your console to obtain 480p resolution
Kelboy 2.0 and screen of Kelboy 2.1 - 640x480 up


We think that the original screen of the Kelboy 2.0 kit is very good, we like nothing more than enjoying the 1: 1 pixel ratio of the great image quality that our screen offers, but it is true that the resolution of 320x240 for a maker it may fall short, so we've worked on a better screen. Here we will shed a little light on how to perform the screen upgrade.


We need to replace the screen we had with this new one. You always have to work carefully, you don't need to comment on it. But we need our work materials:


We open our Kelboy 2.0 and we will be careful not to disassemble what it took us so much work to leave well prepared. We have preferred to leave everything in order since you have to disassemble even the screen support and buttons to work it.

As you can see in the following images, it requires a bit of work, since the piece that we have given perfect for the 240p screen does not have the same bus size in the part where the screen fits, so a good file and little effort will be recommended to use to leave it as it should, we do not want to break the connector of our new screen.


As you can see, it is much larger (it is a totally different screen).


Once everything is fitted as we had it before, we can only turn it on, but we will not enjoy the image quality we want until we change the resolution option in the launcher.

The launcher configuration parameters are in the core / file, and the first parameters are WIDTH and HEIGHT, these must have the optimal resolution for our screen.

As you can see in the image, the amount of pixels available with the improvement is much higher:


Kelboy 2.0
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