Pico-8 in the Kelboy 2.x

Launcher supports browser and launching of Pico-8 games


It's added support for Pico-8, a fantastic platform that keeps growing.


A great portable platform that allows you to run a quality homebrew, portable, with a lot of possibilities, both for the occasional user and for someone who wants to start and learn to design their own video games, now on your Kelboy.


Thanks for the effort and the tests of the user @qu1que in our Telegram community to have a complete functionality.

Get started, download Pico-8

In this case, the developers require you to buy a license for the Pico-8 software, we as good fans have bought it, in exchange for about 13€ you will have this software forever in a portable way, which you can use from anywhere and even without paying again.

In our case we have not had to activate anything, just decompressing it in the Kelboy in the path the launcher has been configured is enough:


The next step, update the launcher and enjoy.

Support in Kelboy

As we have said before, the kelboy-launcher supports this platform since the last update. So you don't need to do anything other than open the kelboy web browser and select the cartridge you like best.


We know that you will like to get tangled in the guts, so we explain the inner workings.

Scripts that participate in the operation

First of all we need the launcher to be able to navigate between the catalog and download it locally. They are very small files that you can have in your premises. The launcher will download the Cartridges in:


This has been chosen like default path because we don't want to force anyone to use our launcher, and if you have EmulationStation configured for it, we can see the list of games downloaded from the platform itself if we choose a route that it can find. Kelboy-launcher doesn't mind looking in that folder, it's not jealous.

All the magic is done from the following script:


Thanks to this script, the small "web browser" that kelboy has internally allows you to enter this website through the menu:

Pagination and search options have been developed for better accessibility by the user.

This platform requires the use of a keyboard with default key configurations. Each game is set to do as the developer pleases, but the most common settings we've come across are CURSORS, ENTER, and the X and C keys.

That was not a problem since many of us have a keyboard continuously connected to the Kelboy, but of course, I want to use the controls that are on our platform.

If you were attentive to the previous article in which the structure of the kelboy-launcher was explained in a light way, you would notice that there is an independent layer (in terms of programming) that intercepts the controls of the Kelboy and transforms them into commands. That layer is in the joystick.py file. In the last update of the kelboy-launcher a key emulator has been programmed by CURSORS, START, A and B with the keys that we have mentioned previously.


This configuration can be changed by any user by editing the joystick.py file, but in future updates we will provide a configuration menu for all kinds of controls.

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