Kelboy - joystick - finger

Joystick Installation and Calibration

Functionality implemented in the Kelboy 2.x firmware to enable and calibrate a joystick
Kelboy - joystick - finger

The joystick

If you have followed the instructions you will have come across a quite interesting section. The Kelboy has the possibility of connecting a modern joystick in your DIY. This joystick requires a few installation steps.


You will find all the steps discussed here in community, in the resources section, and select the Kelboy 2.0 Manual.


Once the part in which we are going to connect our joy has been identified, we must place it in the following way:

Joy visto desde dentro - instalando en carcasa

That blue plate must be bent inwards, help yourself with some tweezers, and place it in the connector with the TOP label under the 5v joystick connector (this connector is for those who want to solder a different model).

Seen from the outside, the connector must be as follows:

joystick visto desde frontal carcasa

To give the following result:

Joystick installed

To achieve this result we must make a hole in the housing of 13 mm removing the protective rubber from the joystick. Help yourself with tweezers to reattach the rubber. But the process in transparent casing should stay like this:

Joystick - transparent front shell with hole


To perform the calibration, you must enable the calibration mode from the firmware with an i2c command. From the kelboy-launcher itself, just go:

Calibrate Joystick Input

At that moment the calibration function will be enabled from the firmware. Just follow the messages on the screen and at the end of the process the joystick will be enabled.

Kelboy 2.0
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