Android 10 OpenGapps Mobile to RPI4

Android 10 - Raspberry Pi 4

Deploy our beta Android 10 latest distro on your Raspberry Pi based platform
Android 10 OpenGapps Mobile to RPI4

One of the parts that the community has demanded the most is the official native support of Android on our preferred board.

Android promised to be the launch of Linux to the mass public, an open operating system and without secrets for the community, releasing the software that mobile devices ran while obtaining a modern interface and base system in which large companies (such as Google for example) could coexist with a free platform.

With the arrival of the first Raspberry Pi this was much more demanded, but today in its version 4 this official support has not reached the system. There are multiple corporate reasons for this since today, in 2020, we still do not have corporate support for it.

By our part, starting from a conversation that we had in the Telegram group a few days ago, a group to which we invite you to join us in a healthy debate and keep you informed of all the news and current status of the evolution of everything related to Lemoncrest SL products, we wanted to explore this path preparing a distribution of the latest Android 10 available with the latest updated kernel and test its performance.

Primera compilación funcionando

We have to say that a little blood has been taken to carry out this small project, and that we are in an exploration phase, but we wanted to publish to the community the first Android 10 rev-39 alpha distro made by Lemoncrest SL for the platform Raspberry Pi 4 fully functional with opengapps applications installed and working.

Opengapps working - Google Play and google services

It is not an easy process if you want to start from scratch. Using the latest available source code requires optimizations and developer involvement for successful operation. This process will be published in detail in the future so that each user is fully able to customize and cook their own distro without secrets based on free and up-to-date source code (not like other corporate products we are used to).

In any case, in the future, on our part, we intend to provide a base image compiled daily / weekly in a repository and a series of scripts to facilitate all users who want to have the latest updates every day and install the latest opengapps. from their own machines without cheats.

At the moment we leave you in the software section an image of our last beta compilation so that you can explore and test this route. The image is a dump with a zip compressed dd of a 16gb card.

This image has 4 partitions, boot, system, vendor and data. Any of the partitions can be resized to your liking, initially the "system" partition had a space of less than 1GB and worked correctly, but when it came to testing and installing the opengapps pico it was very insufficient, even for the pico version, so we decided to increase the size of this partition.

There is no problem resizing any partition to your liking, in fact once the image is installed we recommend that the "data" partition be increased to the rest of your device (16gb is a very small storage unit today so if you have a 256gb card you must resize this last partition with your favorite tool to the rest of the size of the device).


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