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How to open a request on GitHub

We have seen that during the execution by the users of the Launcher in the Kelboy 2.0 you wanted a warmer and closer support.

When we are in programming projects open to the community, such as the kelboy-launcher, it is normal for users to demand certain features, but what is not organized is chaotic. That is why we are going to make this simple guide that will provide information to users so that they can understand how to open a request on GitHub and be able to request in an orderly manner and in which certain functionality is not forgotten.


Open an issue

Become familiar with the ways of working.

GitHub is a platform that provides open repositories for the community, but it also has free tools like the issues section.


For those of you who do not know how a development team works, developments have to have a certain order and methodology. In this place the requests and errors detected by users are housed.

To carry out this simple fact, we only have to click on the green New Issue button. Once clicked, it will redirect us to a form that we must fill out:


This form must contain the information that you want to provide to the developers, so a short and concise title with an eloquent description must be in our issue.

Once the writing is finished (the good if it is brief, twice good, but without being extremely exaggerated):


In this simple way the issue will be registered. Developers will be able to report its status, dismiss or even require more information to complete the issue correctly.

For this, as can be seen in the image, the issue is accompanied by a small form that allows you to start a debate (or thread related to the issue) in which more users and developers can join in an open way to contribute.

In this way, no information is lost and quality is maintained in the software development process.